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Self Guided

Last night, after nearly a week of not running, I finally got in a run.  It felt, amazing.  I still can’t get super excited about going out there and running.  Sure, I like the alone time, but it just isn’t on my list of favorite things to do.  However, what keeps me getting out there […]
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New Digs

So, if I did everything right, everyone’s feeds should automatically redirect over here.  This is partially a test of that function, and partially a little blogwarming of sorts. I’ve decided that since I decided to have a grown  up blog, complete with a grown up, professionally designed header, that I should have a little party […]
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So umm… Hi and stuff.

It would seem that there is already traffic coming to this little world.  I’m working on getting moved in.  Just a few more things to clear up, and all of them seem to require time that I do not have enough of.  So forgive the moving boxes, I’m not sure where the toilet paper is, […]
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Hard Is My Life

You know, it is hard being a dog. Life is so rough, trying to find the most comfortable spot on the couch. No one appreciates what it takes to fluff up all of the down blankets that they leave on the couch year round just for me. No one. Let me…. zzzzzzz….
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