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Blue Is the Color

I am deep in the stress of those things which shall not be blogged about. Really, it is making the things that much harder that I can’t write about them.  I am half tempted to just write the posts, keep them in draft, and hope that at some point I can share. Ugh. The stress, […]
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Baby Love

She’s growing up so fast now.  I was putting together some shopping carts online, trying to figure out what she needs for fall, and realizing that I am shopping in the girls section.  Not the toddlers, girls.  When she crawls in to my lap, she is starting not always fit so well. A few days […]
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Before BlogHer I was running (ha!) out of steam for running.  I knew I needed to be able to do the 5K, but I was lacking motivation.  In some respects, getting sick, getting all of those blisters, and then the sick dog was good.  It allowed me a good reason to take a break, so […]
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Meal Planning – 8/23

So, after BlogHer, being sick, sick dog, and throwing a baby shower, I took a look at my bank balance today. Oof!  I had already planned on recovering by eating out a lot less, but I think I am going to try to pledge no eating out (maybe even including coffee) between now the end […]
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