Blue Is the Color

I am deep in the stress of those things which shall not be blogged about. Really, it is making the things that much harder that I can’t write about them.  I am half tempted to just write the posts, keep them in draft, and hope that at some point I can share. Ugh.

The stress, is causing me to be a bit blue.  I wouldn’t say depressed yet, but it is definitely heading in that direction.  My ability to fake a good mood is definitely failing.  Not helping of course is the not running.  The heat is just too much for me, which is a sucktacular excuse, but still, a real one when you have lung issues.  So, tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I will run.  I have clean sports bras, clean socks, and the weather promises to not be so crummy.  I’m even plotting out how to keep running when the weather turns.  Still not sure I can afford it, but trying.

Speaking of that, the no eating out thing is going well.  I’m managing to pack lunches for all who need them, keeping us to one lunch eating out per week, and one dinner.  We had an extra dinner out last week because the chicken went bad (ewww) and my dad was in town.  I still consider that a win however.

No meal plan this week, shopping trips were messed up by tight finances post dog/vet bill, and the State Fair on Sunday. I will make up for it though by posting all about what we tried at the State Fair.  Tomorrow.  After I run.

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    I understand about the running, well not the running but the needing to exercise thing. I wasn’t able to get mine in today because I had to get to work early. It really messed with my mood and I just felt out of it.

    I’m sorry about the stress. I know how hard it is to keep things private that you want to share. Sometimes I will get through an entire post just to vent, and then after reading it over four or five times, I just let it sit there in my drafts. Writing is very therapeutic whether or not you decide to make it public.
    Heather recently posted..Way existential Like Ren and Stimpy

  2. Posted September 3, 2010 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    I’ve definitely written things in draft before, just because I’m so used to blogging out my problems, it’s hard to cope with them otherwise.
    Swistle recently posted..Just You and Me- Buddy

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