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Meal Planning – Week of 9/27

Crock pot and slow cooking weather is upon us.  Also, my husband is going to be off from work all week (PTO to burn and a computer to build) so I can use him to keep an eye on things. We have run in a unique challenge that effected last week’s planning, and will likely […]
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Suffering From a Lack of Momentum

I think I lost my momentum, somewhere back in NYC.  I think it was the getting sick thing, followed by the getting sick thing, followed by work and the stress of wanting something that just isn’t happening the way that I want it to.  I think I have been sick more than I have been […]
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SuperMom in Rain Boots

I am the mom scrambling to get everything together in the morning.  I am the mom who forgets to wash the daycare blankets, who leaves their kids without seasonally appropriate spare clothes, and who very rarely remembers to bring in the extra stuff from home for the craft project de jour. I have my moments […]
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A Return & Some Meal Planning

My trip was good enough that I was granted some time to actually have fun and explore.  I’ll detail my adventures later, with pretty pictures.  In the mean time, here is the plan for this week.  I enjoyed the eating out, but it got old.  So did the weight I’ve gained by not exercising for […]
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