A Return & Some Meal Planning

My trip was good enough that I was granted some time to actually have fun and explore.  I’ll detail my adventures later, with pretty pictures.  In the mean time, here is the plan for this week.  I enjoyed the eating out, but it got old.  So did the weight I’ve gained by not exercising for the last almost two months.  That changes, it has to, or… well I don’t want to think about that.

Monday – First day home, we ate out.  Late flight and a needed bath night for the kid required it.

Tuesday – Hamburger…  you know, that stuff in the box.  Had to use up some hamburger and it was easy.  We had veggies too…

Wednesday – Baked rigatoni.  A recipe I got from my SIL.  I don’t think I’ll make it as often this winter now that we know the extent of A’s lactose issues, but I was craving comfort and good leftovers. I made it tonight and put it in the fridge in the vain hope that I can go running while it bakes tomorrow.

Thursday – The last of our meat CSA sausages, with peppers & onions.  Hoping to find a good deal on peppers at the farmer’s market downtown.

Friday – Pork roast tacos.  I have a great recipe for a super easy pulled pork for tacos.  Breaking out the slow cooker for the second time this fall.

Saturday – Chicken, either roasted or crockpotted, with market veggies

Sunday – Not sure

I’m trying something new for lunches too.  I’m going to attempt to go with a Bento style lunch.  I got a few containers I can bring a full lunch in (as opposed to trying to make a bunch of different leftovers and whatever else go together).  I still need some way to divide messier things, but a trip to the craft store for some silicone containers should solve that.  My first one is for work tomorrow.  Leftover pot roast, potatoes, red peppers, with some steak sauce for the meat.  It means getting up earlier, or packing the night before.  I hope the pay off is worth it.  Lunches were getting boring, and didn’t always have a good variety.  I hope this ups my veggie intake for my mid day meal.

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    You’re making me hungry! Any chance of you posting the pulled pork taco recipe? :)
    birdie recently posted..I Need to Vent About This

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