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Winner, Winner

The winner of Just Dance Kids from Ubisoft is Birdie!  Yay! Will be back soon with a post about the most awesome craft show ever.
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Welcome Winter

My first winter back in Minnesota was spent with my godmother’s family since I didn’t have enough time off from my part time job to go up North to see mine.  For gifts, I was given a winter survival kit that included Scrabble, Cribbage, and a puzzle.  In other words, indoor things to do.  Of […]
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I so fail at the 30 day thing…

I guess it was silly to think I could do it while traveling for work, visit with family, and being absolutely buried by crud at the office. Oh well, at least I got to see pretty things on my trip to Denver. I continue to be amazed by mountains.  They are just so… big.  I […]
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Greetings from Denver

My work trip to Denver has been a success thus far.  I’ve managed to not have too long of days, and I plan on another long night of enjoying my heavenly bed again tonight (if I can stop the bad dreams about bed bugs, damn you media). Honestly the hardest part is sticking to one […]
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