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Just Smashing

You know, if intentions were blog posts, there would be a lot here. We had an absolutely smashing holiday.  My brother made it up to dog sit for us while we went to the in-laws, then we had a relaxing, don’t get out of your jammies sort of day on Christmas itself.  Santa was good […]
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The Spirit of the Season

On the list of posts that I meant to write before all heck broke loose was one about giving back for the holidays.  I write about this every year, and every year I learn something new.  This goes back a long way for me, before I had the money to contribute much directly I would […]
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Dump: As in who in heck dumped all of this snow on us?

Right.  So the plan was to announce that I was pregnant to the world on my blog, visit with my mom and let her handle the three and half year old so I could get some sleep, then come back, do some awesome posting, and get back in to regular blogging about important stuff like […]
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Sorry for being so not here, I swear I had a good reason.

So, what makes a blogger go sort of MIA for a couple of months? Not sure?  Give me your best guess. I’ll even give you a few more hints. I’ve felt pukey and miserable most days. I sleep all the time. I can’t take any good drugs to make me feel any better despite feeling […]
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