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You know, if intentions were blog posts, there would be a lot here.

We had an absolutely smashing holiday.  My brother made it up to dog sit for us while we went to the in-laws, then we had a relaxing, don’t get out of your jammies sort of day on Christmas itself.  Santa was good to the kid, we were good to each other, and I swear, for like the first year in a long time, excluding the nasty salt water taffy that A got, there wasn’t a bum gift to be had.  The best gift for me of course was feeling not pukey enough to enjoy everything.  I even unwrapped and put in the oven baked a ham and made some brussels sprouts.  It was tasty, and fun, and what it should be. Relaxing time with family.

Speaking of that, some details on the whole expanding our family thing.

I’m 14 weeks, as of yesterday.  I still feel icky some of the time, which sucks, but the fact that I have an appetite back is good.  Except the part where I am back to gaining weight, which well, I guess I could do without.  I was hoping to be all awesome and exercise and keep running the whole damn time, but the stinking little Pod (A named it) has not made that possible.  I should be happy that my hormones were so out of control and that everything is good but well… I’m a little annoyed.  I have the desire to go exercise, but not the energy.  I’m still going to be before 9 PM with some frequency.  I’m still not cooking very many meals.  (especially if you don’t count mac & cheese or frozen organic pizza as food)  I am however eating veggies again and staying hydrated.  The hydration thing may explain some of the weight gain.  I hope.

I am due late next June, which means I’ll likely make it to some time mid June at the latest.  Seeing as the Sprout got stuck, they aren’t likely to let me have a very big kid.  There is of course the looming threat of having pre eclampsia again.  Something that honestly scares the shit out of me.  However, I have top notch OB care, I am already choosing to deliver at a hospital that is connected to one of the best NICU’s in the country, and I’m more aware than ever of what can go wrong and what the warning signs are.  Which of course means that I have had some anxiety the whole time thus far.

So far I spend the four weeks prior to each appointment nervously hoping that everything is still OK.  We saw a wiggly blob at our 8 week, and at my 12 week I heard a strong and steady heartbeat.  I should be relaxed like I was the last time, but I’m not.  I guess I read too many blogs. Next anxiety inducing thing is my weight and hearing a heartbeat at 16 weeks, then that everything is OK at the 20 week anatomy scan.  I think I’ll make it, fortunately I got enough chocolate at Christmas to get me through.

Thanks again for all of the well wishes.  I am sure I will be bugging Twitter and everyone else for info as things get closer.  Shockingly a lot has changed in the last four years, and I’ve donated a good portion of my gear, so I’ll be looking for what the best new things are.  I trust y’all will help me with that.

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    I didn’t know you had pre-e too. That is my biggest fear about trying to have more kids some day. For what it is worth you and the Pod are in my prayers!
    Liz recently posted..Happy New Year!

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