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Lactose, we loved you well

Ever since M decided that the only princess for her was Cinderella, I’ve been calling her Stinkerella.  Little did I know that I was foreshadowing more than a little. You see, my delicate (hah!) little flower of a girl really started to stink.  We’ve never shied away from making it OK to burp or fart […]
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Not so Wordless: Sushi

I took Ms. M out for a girls sushi date in the snow storm a couple of weeks ago.  While she wouldn’t try the crunchy roll, she did make me help her eat nearly all of that tobiko straight up. That’s right, my kid eats fish eggs.  Loves them.  I’m not sure if I should […]
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Self Domestication

A few weeks ago I commented on Twitter that I had made Rice Krispie Treats for the first time in my life.   I brought the left overs in to work and one of my coworkers commented on how if I could make all kinds of things from scratch, why on earth was I making something […]
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The Other Shoe

I have spent so much time being anxious lately, and I just haven’t been able to put my finger on why.  Even my OB can tell that something is up.  She knew my history last pregnancy, and I don’t remember her ever asking about how my depression was doing other than our plan to head […]
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