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Diving In (to controversy)

When I was pregnant with M I got my first real taste of what some call the mommy wars.  I knew they existed, I just hadn’t gotten to experience them first hand.  My initiation came from a long time friend of the family.  Someone who I thought of as a second mom.  I was far […]
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My Health, and Why You Should Care

When I got laid off in 2001 and moved back to Minnesota I was lucky enough to not have health insurance.  I had a temp job, for three years, but no way to afford health insurance.  Fortunately I was young and relatively healthy.   I did however need to make sure that my girly bits were […]
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My John

Dear Uncle John, You know you were always my favorite right? You were the one that knew what it was like to stick out.  You were my John. I did it, you know.  I finally made it to LA, to your city.  It wasn’t right though, because you weren’t here.  I wanted more than anything […]
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Lasting Wounds

I have heard more than once from women who experienced traumatic births that they were left with lasting consequences.  Flashbacks, anxiety, PTSD. I thought I was immune.  I thought that the same “it will be fine” mentality that got me through my rising blood pressure when I was pregnant with M would carry me through […]
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