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Dear Thighs,

I am respectively asking, before I resort to begging and cajoling, that you quit using this pregnancy as an excuse for your expansion. You may think that this is a contest between you and my belly as to who can get the largest.  You would be wrong. You may think that you are doing me […]
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Party Conundrum

I have a conundrum.  I would call it a dilemma, but I just misspelled that in a post yesterday, so why repeat myself. We have entered the age, thanks to daycare, of the birthday party.  I was perfectly happy living in the world where birthdays were a family affair.  I thought I would stick with […]
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I’m sitting at my desk, flipping through music on iTunes, so happy to have finally hooked my speakers back up after we redid our office… in December.  I missed the music.  I am trying to figure out what to write when I want to write, desperately, about my job.  I try to draw a line, […]
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24 Week Drivel

Today I’m 24 weeks.  Viability week.  Yes, I know, as my Dr. reminded me last time, just because things CAN go right at 24 weeks doesn’t mean you want a damn thing to happen.  However, it does help me breath a little easier. I had good intentions of posting a lot more after the last […]
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