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Dear Duchess: An Open Letter

Dear Duchess of Cambridge (and your husband too, since he sort of gets credit since he’s the one who married you and all), You may wonder why a geeky woman from the middle of the United States is sending you a letter, but I swear that I have good reason.  First, my family has serious […]
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One of the things that has been different about this pregnancy thus far has been my overwhelming desire to just take it easy.  I won’t call it laziness, but there are times when it just seems like a good idea to lay low.  During my last pregnancy I was crawling under desks and installing PC’s […]
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Wonder M!

This last week seems to have involved some progress with M at school.  I’m still not sure what she really wants, but she seems to be happier when she comes home and more interested in going in the morning.  We talk through who she can play with, what it takes to be a good friend, […]
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30 Weeks & I Feel Fine

Another appointment, another absolutely perfectly normal blood pressure reading.  Now, don’t get me wrong, absolutely not as low as it is when I’m not pregnant, but not even close to cause for alarm.   I sort of feel like doing a happy dance.  Instead I went out to eat since that is my big treat these […]
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