30 Weeks & I Feel Fine

Another appointment, another absolutely perfectly normal blood pressure reading.  Now, don’t get me wrong, absolutely not as low as it is when I’m not pregnant, but not even close to cause for alarm.   I sort of feel like doing a happy dance.  Instead I went out to eat since that is my big treat these days.  Food with salt in it that I can’t control.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m hyper sensitive to my BP and bloating.  We joke about not scheduling certain kinds of meetings before my doctor appointment.  Mostly I’m doing my best to laugh and have fun as a way to help me deal with the stress of work, and man, there is a lot of stress.

Proof that this is all becoming real (other than regularly getting kicked) I actually bothered to start getting information about daycare’s infant care.  I found out good things, like how they can’t swaddle kids because of rules, so we need to make sure that if the kid ends up taking to swaddling that they also can sleep unswaddled.  Maybe this one will like sleep sacks.  They finally make them big enough to accommodate tall kids…

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    Can you explain more about the rules that prohibit swaddling? I finally learned to do it right from the caregiving pros. Not judging. Just curious.
    ClumberKim recently posted..Make It So

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    happy to hear you got a good report today. are you going to craftstravaganza next weekend? stop by and say hi!!

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