One of the things that has been different about this pregnancy thus far has been my overwhelming desire to just take it easy.  I won’t call it laziness, but there are times when it just seems like a good idea to lay low.  During my last pregnancy I was crawling under desks and installing PC’s even as my blood pressure was increasing.  This time, while my blood pressure has been hanging tight (120/70 at today’s unscheduled appointment), I have absolutely no desire to keep up with the kind of activity level that I did last time.

The reason of course, turns out to be a good one.  You see, it would seem that my uterus is cranky, irritable if you will.  I had to swear to my husband that yes, my NP (seen when my OB isn’t available) did call it that and yes, it is a real thing.  I’ve had more than a few odd little twinges, small contractions and general discomfort.  The good news, as I discovered at that unscheduled appointment today, is that it doesn’t seem to be impacting my cervix at all.  That would be a big fat woo hoo from me.

Doesn’t change the feeling that someone (ahem, the Pod) is scraping sharp little baby finger nails across my cervix, or that it feels like I’m walking around trying to hold in a watermelon.  It seems that the little turd has also parked her head in the “ready” position and is just keeping it there to keep me on my toes. Also doesn’t change the utter panic I have to hide when while walking into a meeting I have a contraction.  Much harder to hide than the odd feeling of motion sickness I get when she removes her head from its parked position to do a few flips.

So, there it is.  Blood pressure hanging out and happily in the normal range.  Uterus, cranky.  Cervix, not open for businesses yet.



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    I’d say that your uterus has PMS but realistically that couldn’t be it! I hope it stays calm though! :)
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