Wonder M!

This last week seems to have involved some progress with M at school.  I’m still not sure what she really wants, but she seems to be happier when she comes home and more interested in going in the morning.  We talk through who she can play with, what it takes to be a good friend, and anything else I can think of to instill some confidence in her every morning on the way to work & school.   One of her teachers especially has taken a lot of interest in making sure she’s happier at school and I think it is all paying off.

As for the whole boy toys thing, I’m still not sure what we’re dealing with.  She seems torn between wanting to play with them, and wanting to have them and bring them to school so that the boys will play with her toys/with her.  We went to TrU yesterday and on our way to the super heroes A got tangled up in Barbies and Disney.  He has this weakness for toy stores, and TrU has this pull that the toy section of Target will never have.

When it came time for us to see the super hero section and let M pick something out, she was already pretty caught up in the Disney and Barbie world and lost focus.  I am sure it is part that she doesn’t even know what she wants, and she still hasn’t figured out that the two worlds can exist together.  Super Man can save Cinderella if that is how she wants the story to go.  We didn’t give in and had her get something super hero.  If nothing else than to go along with my craft project this weekend.

I have been a sewing fool since Thursday night.  I’m a complete sucker for my daughter when it comes to making things for her, provided they don’t take more than a week or so of spare time to finish (see the half knitted sweater for examples of what I don’t seem to be able to complete).  This is why she has custom pillow cases for daycare, a just for daycare blanket, and now two super hero capes (one to share that isn’t in specifically girly colors), a pair of bracers (Wonder Woman style bracelets), a crown, and hopefully soon a mask too.  I took a sculpture class from a tool of a professor in college who criticized my “figure it out as I go” style of design.  Apparently if you didn’t plan and sketch and figure it all out in advanced, you couldn’t possibly get it right.  Like there is a “right” in sculpture.   I still think he is full of it seeing as I can come up with a basic pattern for a cape and totally make it work, adjusting on the fly as I go.  This is my style for crafty things.  I tend to annoy those really type A teachers when I take craft classes as well.  I win though, because it turned out awesome.  She’s barely taken it off since she got up.



Forgive the horrid quality of the crown.  I could not get her to stand still long enough to get a clear shot of the thing.  The cool thing is the crown, while it matches the cape, can absolutely work on its own.

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  1. tere
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

    Love it and your ability to just make it work. Your great grandmother, whom you are named, after could do the same thing. I recounted the story twice this week how she made a green dotted swiss dress for a banty chicken for me to take to the pet parade. I won for best dressed fowl–a silver dollar. and the hen didn’t even mess up the dress or me.
    Now if there had only been some pictures..

    your proud mom

  2. kristen
    Posted April 25, 2011 at 11:01 am | Permalink

    Ha! Dressing up chickens! Love it. Don’t you know there’s a whole market out there for dressing up lawn geese? http://lawngoosedesigns.com/

    Ohmigosh. Type A craft teachers. I just had a flashback to the woman I took a quilting class from (obviously not dear T @ CP). She actually criticized someone’s fabric choices since there wasn’t enough light-middle-dark color variation, and there were certainly no “winging it” allowed, that would have been wrong, wrong, WRONG!

    I totally winged it when I made my husband an apron. Couldn’t find a male-appropriate apron pattern (don’t think he would have liked ruffles and didn’t need, um, extra room in the bust). He loves his bowling babes apron. I think good crafters/artists are those who can just make things work.

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