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Attack of the Giant Baby!

Today, and my 36 week scan I was told that they are estimating the size of the pod at… 8 pounds, 9 ounces. If you are like everyone else I’ve told today you are either laughing with me, or gasping in horror.  Yes, these estimates can be wrong, way wrong.  However, they can also be […]
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Then a Bomb Went Off

It was a Flower Bomb, but a bomb none the less.  It has kept me insanely busy this last week, so busy that I haven’t managed to get back here to post at all. I am, as of tomorrow, 36 weeks along.  As of my appointment last week at 35 weeks, everything continues to be […]
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Fl-fl-flower Bomb!

I’ve been wracking my brain over what I can do, what I can organize to help my neighbors deal with the impact of the tornado.  We were so lucky, but I know that if it were me in their situation, they would be there for me. I don’t have a lot of money to spare […]
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I have never…

… seen the destruction from a tornado up close and in person.  I have heard about it, I have seen it on the news.  I have never actually seen it in person.  Until today. The North Minneapolis tornado hit 8 maybe 10 blocks from our house.  I was home alone, no power, no phones, and […]
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