I have never…

… seen the destruction from a tornado up close and in person.  I have heard about it, I have seen it on the news.  I have never actually seen it in person.  Until today.

The North Minneapolis tornado hit 8 maybe 10 blocks from our house.  I was home alone, no power, no phones, and I’m pretty sure I heard it from my corner of the basement.  A and M were fortunately an hour and a half way at a birthday party for his grandmother.  We were on the edge of the warning area, so I didn’t think too much about it.  I just busied myself with folding baby clothes and starting to pack a bag for the Pod.

We didn’t get hit, we were lucky.  Unfortunately two local blogger/tweeters were not so lucky.  Both Jen from A Prior Fat Girl and Marie from Celebration Generation (and two amazing cookbooks) had direct hits.   I wish I had pictures, but I couldn’t bring myself to pop out the blackberry camera.  As it was I was unable to get to Jen’s house to deliver buckets to her because of impassable conditions for this very pregnant woman.  I’m hoping a couple of my generous neighbors got to her.

I don’t think I ever want to see that kind of destruction up close and personal ever again.  The North side has suffered so much.  Foreclosures brought on by dirty criminals who preyed on the poor and undereducated, crime, neglect on the part of the city… it just didn’t need to add tornado to the list.  Especially since it is an old neighborhood with large trees.  Trees that do that much more damage when they fall on house, and cars, and uproot half of streets.

So, if you have a moment, and some money to spare, consider donating to the Red Cross.  So many people tonight will be without homes.  People are injured, the first death has been reported.

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  1. kristen
    Posted May 23, 2011 at 8:26 am | Permalink

    THANK YOU so much for checking on our house for us. I was absolutely panicked when I checked the Strib and saw the headlines. Part of me was glad to have been in NC; I think the sound of the tornado hitting would have sent me over the edge.

    It’s going to be weird coming home tonight. When I get back I’d love to help Jen and Marie out where I can – us North Siders need to stick together!

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