37 Weeks

It seems when you spend an entire pregnancy prepared to have it end prematurely, focusing hard on making it to 37 weeks, that it can come as quite a shock and a letdown that you have to actually stay pregnant PAST 37 weeks.  Perhaps all the way until 39 weeks.

Yes, I know, grateful that I’m still pregnant and all.  However, I’m huge.  This baby is monstrous.  As my OB and I observed, I seem to have dropped OUTSIDE of my pelvic area.  Like I dropped out instead of in.  Uncomfortable doesn’t even begin to explain this.

While I am annoyed that it is summer, and the 103 degree weather on Tuesday would have just killed me if I had still been going in to the office, I am extremely happy that it is maxi dress season.  I now totally understand the benefits of the muumuu.   Pants no longer fit me, unless you count the pair of maternity yoga pants.  Shirts no longer cover my belly, since it now falls down to between my legs… (sorry for that mental picture) The only thing that is comfortable is my collection of three maternity maxi dresses which are in a constant rotation through the washer and dryer should I go in to labor and need to have a clean one to go home in.   I don’t even care anymore that two are t-back (seriously people, pregnant women need bras!!!) and that my bra straps show.  I try to color coordinate, but I only have two bras that fit until I break into my nursing bras.

I am happy that the Pod has stayed put this long.  I am happy that she will be big and healthy.  However, I’m ready, we’re ready.  I’m in a bad mood and it shows.  The only thing brightening my day, pregnancy wise, is the mass quantity of ice cream in my freezer and a sweet dream last night about finally getting to meet and snuggle with the Pod.  I’m hoping it is a sign that she’s ready to come out.  Cross your fingers for me that it is true and not just wishful thinking.

Oh, in other related news, I am now fully on the c-section path.  Which means I now have to know what a contraction feels like enough to know when I’m having regular early ones.   Which I actually never felt last time, despite the monitors telling me that I was having them.  Thoughts?

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  1. kristen
    Posted June 10, 2011 at 12:03 pm | Permalink

    C-section indeed. If Pod is hanging outside of your pelvis I can’t imagine how she’d work her way through it. I’m no help on the contraction front, since I went from feeling nothing (although like you, the monitors said I was having them) to “ohmigod it would probably hurt less if someone took my bottom lip, pulled it over my head, and stapled it to my neck” type pain in about, oh, three nanoseconds. Thanks, pitocin!

    I wonder sometime who designs maternity clothes – are they all A cup women or something? I’m not ginormous in the chest area by any means, but really, them girls need support!

    I hope your dream is a sign that Pod is ready to make her entrance.

  2. Posted June 11, 2011 at 7:50 am | Permalink

    oh, you’ll know. at first you might think “what is this unpleasantness?” then it’ll happen 20 minutes later, 17 minutes later, and so on. and in my case, on and on and on for the better part of 30 hours. and it intensifies greatly over time. 13 years later, i am almost over it ;-)
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