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I’m pretty sure that the first time that I bought any new clothes after M was born was right before I had to go back to work.  I think I either wore maternity clothes or these really hideous maroon gauchos up until then.  When I did go back to work, I had to buy all new clothes.  The biggest clothes I have ever had to buy.  Getting rid of them to Goodwill (and handing them off to a coworker who was also losing weight) felt so good.  When I got pregnant again I worried that I had made a mistake getting rid of them since I got almost as big this time.  I found out today that it wasn’t.  It may just have been a mistake to get rid of the stuff a couple of sizes smaller.

I went shopping today and for once seeing a size that started with a two wasn’t a hugely depressing thing.  Mostly because it ended with a zero and really, I was expecting it to end with a four.  I’m only four weeks postpartum, and I realize that especially if I start running again that I should lose more weight.  My skin also (hopefully) has some elasticity left in it.   However I’m getting out and about more this time than I did last time and I needed some real clothes.  The very energetic four year old may have something to do with that.  The other thing is that I feel better than I did last time.  I’m healthy, able to get out and walk around without huffing and puffing.  Sure, I sweat like a… you get the picture, but I blame our weather for that. So today I bought three pairs of size 20 bottoms.  My skin may be floppy, I may be lumpy, but I don’t care.  I’m two sizes away from where I was when I got pregnant and it feels awesome.

I’m also two weeks away from starting serious exercise again.  I’ll start with getting back to the point where I can walk three miles, then I start C25K.  I’m registering for the TC 5K (run the Saturday of the marathon) and I’d love to have company.  Anyone up for doing it with me?  I’m also going to register M for the family mile.  I think she’ll have a blast doing it.

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    I refused to buy new (bigger) clothes post partum so basically I wear lots of flowing shirts and still occassionally wear my maternity demin skirt (its so cute! It shouldn’t matter that it doesn’t have a waistband!)

    I wish you the best of luck in your serious exercise! I’m almost 10 months post partum and I have yet to get back into it!
    Marta recently posted..Rockin’ the Baby – Baby Photos

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