These two, they are my survivors.  They are surviving being big sisters together.

I am sure if the furry one could talk she have nothing but sympathy for my big girl.  She would also ask her to quit fetching the ball for her.  Tess has had it far easier this time than last time.  This time she isn’t begging to go out every time I nurse the baby like she did last time.  Last time that kept her kenneled far more than I should have.  This time she has M to play with.  M happily plays tug, and throw her toys, and give belly rubs when Tess rolls over for them.  M for her part tries to keep Tess from “killing” the Boppy.

Tess is a good big sister, as good of a dog as me, a cat person, could have asked for.  During the many bad storms we’ve had, before she completely losing it and needs to go into her kennel to stop shaking, she will sit and watch the baby, to make sure she is OK.  If there is a loud noise or any threat, she makes sure that the baby is OK.  Impressive considering that the baby now outweighs her.

M is coping OK, but the four to six week “holy shit this baby isn’t going anywhere” realization kicked in.  That, along with being four, has meant some epic battles in our house.  Battles that have meant the removal of barbies, and all drawing implements.  Battles that have left part of my desk pink, and me resorting to Twitter for both escape and advice.  I have books coming from Amazon.  I’m hoping they can give me some tools for dealing with my very head strong and smart girl.  I want to be able to enjoy some of what is left of my maternity leave.  It is half done as of this last weekend.  We have one more week of “nothing” then swimming lessons start, my mom comes to visit (oh, don’t even get me started), another week of no plans, then she’s back to daycare for a week while I have a week with H alone to get prepped for work.  Oh, that just seems like so much less than six weeks….

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    My son was 3.5 when his sister was born and what I found has worked amazingly well is that he’s kind of my little helper. He likes the authority and boy do I appreciate the help. He gets me things while I”m nursing, presses the foot pedal on the diaper genie, etc. He’s less enthused now, but he still will pick up and wash off a nuk for me at 4.5. Good luck!
    Marta recently posted..Listography – Favorite Kids Movies

  2. Posted August 3, 2011 at 8:04 am | Permalink

    If you find any good books on the subject please share! Azita’s jealousy-induced tantrums are so out of hand at times. Someone or something is going to break with all the throwing, hitting and kicking.
    Zahra recently posted..How Things Change

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