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My Baby, The Sourdough Starter*

* Alternate post title: My Boobs Can Raise Bread I was all ready to tackle this week.  Tackle getting M back to daycare, tackle getting some last minute shopping done so I could go back to work.  Tackle getting in to pumping again. I did not expect to be sidetracked by absolutely excruciating pain, a […]
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One Hundred Fourteen

Last night, I joined Weight Watchers (online, I have zero time for meetings). The reality that if I can’t get out to exercise while I am home on leave, then my chances of getting out to do it when I am back at work has set in.  Also, I eat constantly, blaming the nursing, the […]
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This girl, sometimes she has so much fear.  She shakes at public restrooms, her fear of the auto-flusher, or the noise of high water pressure causing her to seize up, to just wait until she gets home.  At the fair, lured by the pretty butterflies we paid our six dollars and went in, then she […]
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Awhile back my sister-in-law posted on Facebook an article by Lisa Bloom’s from Huff Post.  I had a reaction I didn’t expect to have.  I agree with her points wholeheartedly, except, I don’t.  In general I agree that girls need to hear that they are smart.  I agree that they need to be recognized for […]
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