My Baby, The Sourdough Starter*

* Alternate post title: My Boobs Can Raise Bread

I was all ready to tackle this week.  Tackle getting M back to daycare, tackle getting some last minute shopping done so I could go back to work.  Tackle getting in to pumping again.

I did not expect to be sidetracked by absolutely excruciating pain, a complete drop off in supply, and lots of doctor’s appointments (one for me, one for her). In other words, we have thrush, AKA a raging yeast colony.  Owie, owie, owie.

I am trying to have a sense of humor about it all.  H is eating frequently to make up for the lack of supply, but otherwise seems to be fine.  I may have to give her formula for daycare, but I’ll deal with that if it comes to that.  We caught it early based on my calculations of when the pain started and what her pediatrician’s office saw.  It could be worse, this could have happened this weekend when offices are closed, and I had to be back to full time pumping next week.  Also, I could not have spent the entire car ride from the doctor to the pharmacy thinking of clever titles for posts.  I was going to try to and do something with the Prodigy song Fire Starter, but I just couldn’t make it work.

The other, rather sad thing I’m giving up this week is tracking my food on Weight Watchers.  I signed up for a 7 day free trial which I will be canceling.  I can’t know how much supply issues are the thrush or the food stuff, and honestly supply is way more important than losing weight.  I am going to try to take from it a better idea of what I should be eating though.  Perhaps in a few weeks, once things are back to normal (please, please let them be back to normal), I’ll try again.  Scratch that, I will be doing it again, not maybe.

In the mean time, I’m doing my best to get some rest (doctor’s orders), eating a lot of oatmeal, and nursing, a lot. For those of you who have been here, any good suggestions? I’m going to get some probiotics tomorrow from the co-op, and I’m doing my best to reduce my sugar intake.  (if you just couldn’t get rid of it, I don’t want to hear about it, trying to stay positive here)  Also, I need ideas for getting a baby who HATES to take anything to take the meds eight freakin’ times a day.  We do suck on my finger and I’ll sneak it in, but she’s getting wise to it and in addition to the meds for thrush, she also takes her reflux meds twice a day.  Oh yeah, and she won’t take a pacifier.  Little snot.

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    Good luck with the thrush (we had it on and off for 3 months) and supply issues (my every day struggle for 380 days). No fun on either account. I’m sure you’ve tried everything so I won’t offer advice.

  2. Posted August 31, 2011 at 7:15 am | Permalink

    Ok- you asked for suggestions (that’s what I get for reading blogs while talking to my husband)

    I think a vinegar rinse followed with an air-dry was what finally got rid of thrush for us. I just mixed vinegar and water in a peri bottle and used that after each session. Judah was treated with Nystatin.

    Supply…..nursing all the time, pumping, oatmeal, Fenugreek, I had a prescription for Reglan that I took for about a week and then when I needed a bump. I just read something about Goats Rue helping some women but I had never heard of that one in my 2 rounds of supply issue nursing, so who knows.
    The Slacker Mom recently posted..380 Days

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    Sounds like you’re doing everything right! My only other information would be to air dry your nipples whenever possible, don’t use any breastpads that have plastic backing, and to microwave (or hang dry on a line in hot sun) your nursing bras.

    Good luck and feel better!!
    birdie recently posted..And stuff.

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    Ugh, good luck with the thrush I have luckily enough never had to endure that.

    Honestly, I would focus on the WW later. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself except my daughter turns 1 in a few weeks and we’re already starting to wean so perhaps my time to start focusing is coming?

    I find its impossible to juggle work ,the house, children, breastfeeding and something like weight loss. If you can focus on it, if you can give your all do it. I find the most discouraging thing is not seeing success (bc you can’t really focus on it) and then usually it backfires. Good luck!
    Marta recently posted..The More Complicated Ship: Friendship

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