One Hundred Fourteen

Last night, I joined Weight Watchers (online, I have zero time for meetings). The reality that if I can’t get out to exercise while I am home on leave, then my chances of getting out to do it when I am back at work has set in.  Also, I eat constantly, blaming the nursing, the stress, the kids, the stress, etc.  I need to reign it in.  Recognizing this is half of the battle, right?

I have, according to my scale and the WW site, one hundred fourteen pounds to lose.  When I look at it like that, it seems daunting, impossible.  I know it isn’t.  I have made it from this weight to 250, 250, even as low as 220.  I can do that, and I can continue down to 166. I have to. I have to give myself no choice.

The advice I got from people in the know is that if you are nursing, you need to eat every single damn one of your points, supplement with lots of zero point fruits & veggies, and be careful to not overdo the exercise.  Otherwise, supply can suffer.  So far, I’m struggling a little.  At first the 57 points looked massive, now, after coffee and soy milk, breakfast, lunch, a snack, it doesn’t look so good.  Especially when I realize that my dinner plan for local sausages on the grill aren’t the best choice.  Live and learn I guess.

I go back to work, for part days, on Thursday and Friday.  Then a nice three day weekend to relax and try to get through more of my email, before I am back full time on Tuesday.  It seems to have gone so fast, and I think I slept for more of my leave than I intended.  M is back in daycare today, and we all couldn’t be happier.  She is getting the stimulation she so desperately needs, and I am getting time to run errands and try to get H used to napping without me.  I think I’ll miss those naps the most, and not just because I don’t sleep through the night.

Since the whole WW thing is new to me, again, if you’ve done it what are your suggestions? Favorite things to use your points on (that are dairy free, damn sensitive kid)?



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  1. yasmara
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    I just started doing WW online in August – down 5 lbs, but plateaued for the past 2 weeks (my own fault for too many nights out with out-of-town guests & the State Fair this weekend!) & about 40 lbs to go until my .

    I haven’t discovered anything magical yet, except pre-tracking my day. I created a “usual breakfast” that has my cereal + rice milk + tea & I eat the same breakfast every day. Then I figure out what I’m having for lunch & while I’m at it, add dinner. That way I can see if I’m going to go over points if I eat bread with dinner or have a glass of wine or something. It’s really helped me to visualize my day in advance, both in terms of tracking the points but also in terms of meal planning (something I struggle with).

    I also am completely addicted to the Tea Source (St Paul & St Anthony Village locations!) iced Green Tea with Mango. I make it in a gallon jug & steep the pre-made sachets in cold water 8-10 hours (usually I put it in at bedtime or first thing in the a.m.). I don’t know if the baby would be sensitive to caffeine, but it’s become my perfect afternoon pick-me-up. I usually have 2 big servings over ice (in my reusable cold cup from Target) between lunch & kid-pickup. It’s zero points, zero sugar, zero dairy, & fairly low caffeine (compared to coffee or black tea), although there is still *some* caffeine. There’s some sticker shock at first ($9.99 for a pkg of 4 sachets), but the price-per-cup is pretty low when you consider that each sachet makes a gallon of tea – cheaper than milk right now!

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    Girl – you can SO do this…
    I only get 29 points – and my first 7 weeks on the program I lost 15#’s! (don’t ask me how it’s gone since then ok???)
    You are a GREAT veggie eater – so…
    Just incorporate as many fresh fruits & veggies into your diet as you can –
    and then eat the local sausage!

    You can do this, I know you can!

  3. Posted August 29, 2011 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

    I haven’t done WW, but when I’m trying to stay within a certain goal, I focus of fiber, protein, and produce.

    Breakfast for me is often a piece of bread, an egg, and a piece of fruit. Lunch is soup (some non-cream based vegetarian soup) and a piece of bread with fruit and veggies. Then, I try to find a reasonable supper.
    Casey recently posted..I am a runner

    • Posted August 29, 2011 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

      lots of high-fiber stuff like super grainy wheaty bread with lean meat and veggie sandwiches. also beans. a bean and veggie burrito would be super filling.

      also, don’t bother with any of that ww brand pre-packaged food. it’s total crap.

      and if you feel like you really need something sweet, have something small that you can unwrap and eat slowly. like a couple hershey’s kisses. it will be more satisfying than telling yourself you’re only having 6 m&ms. which is impossible.

      to be perfectly honest, i lost 15 pounds on ww about 9 years ago and have gained every bit of it back (and a few more) BUT if you’re committed, it truly does work.
      london recently posted..what’s in your drawers?

  4. Posted September 1, 2011 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

    It’s been said already but I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS. I KNOW IT. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES. I’ve been doing WW on-line since late April and just passed 30 pounds lost. I have 22 more to get to goal. The newest plan is light years ahead of the old versions. (I lost 25 pounds twice on older plans. Then I got pregnant. But not this time!) My tips: When I want a snack I have fruit or carrots first, and sometimes another glass of water. Frequently I forget what it was I thought I wanted instead. Or I have to pee. DISTRACTION! When I start to feel like I’m hitting a plateau I change up the exercise. I may not have more time but I can change what I’m doing. It keeps me from getting bored and also seems to fend off plateaus. I’m not spending my weekly points (and very few of my activity points) but since you’re nursing, you may need them. Feel free to shoot me a message or tweet if I can help, ANYTIME!!!
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