I suck at organization.  I absolutely rationalize blame this on my ability to keep track of things in my head really well. When you have a good memory for things it lulls you in to this false sense of organization. Especially when you use most of your awesome memory skills for the office.  Work definitely benefits the most from my amazing ability to remember random but useful bits of information.

Home, suffers.

I’m trying though.  I go back through my posts and see these great plans I had for not losing track of my shit.  I also seem to have a follow through problem.

This week, I’m taking another crack at it.  I’ve opened an Etsy shop, I’m calling the MN Dept. of Revenue tomorrow to get my sales tax stuff taken care of, and I’m in the process of sewing stock for the shop.  However, if I want to do that without guilt, I need to have things around here more organized.  We ate out nearly EVERY DAY last week because of planning issues.  That also means that I threw out food because we didn’t eat it when planned. Yeah, that can’t be maintained at all.  So I meal planned, we shopped, I cooked ahead.  I’m of course going to document this because I will enjoy reading through another failed plan at some future date.

Meal Plan:

Breakfasts (I desperately need to a healthy, filling, higher protein breakfast option, that also includes some carbs)

  • Egg muffin bakes (with ham, Rotel (drained), diced ham & cilantro) – For both the kid & I.  She needs protein too.
  • Steel cut oatmeal – Precooked with vanilla & Cinnamon.  Apples & nuts added when I reheat at work

Lunches: Oh my goodness do I ever need to stop eating out. I have 57 pts/day with Weight Watchers, so the boxed meals don’t cut it.  I need more food to feed the bewbs for the baby.  If I cook @ home, I usually make enough for lunches, so here it goes.

  • Meatloaf leftovers (perhaps one of my best loafs ever, made a killer sandwich for lunch today, but for work bringing it with the leftover green beans)
  • Pork chop leftovers w/soup & veggies
  • Hoping to do lunch w/a friend.
  • Whatever I can find in the fridge


  • Meatballs & Spaghetti – Made home made meatballs (tried something new, beef, veal, eggs, milk, breadcrumbs, grated & drained onion, garlic, oregano.  Baked then poached in chicken stock.  Froze the extras), using a jarred sauce (found w/no sugar @ Costco & now we can’t find it again.  Using the precious last jar.) & a whole grain blend pasta. Likely some extra veggies too.
  • Potato & leek soup – Using farmer’s market leeks (they were gorgeous) & the chicken stock I poached my meatballs in. We need a protein with this, thinking something grilled, maybe sausages.
  • Indian food  – Last Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of my first date with A.  I introduced him to Indian food on that date.  That night sort of sucked with kid related stuff & work, so we’re going to try again this week for our celebratory Indian & Starbucks.
  • Leftovers – Last day before we head out of town for a long weekend & we need to clean out the fridge.  Don’t get any ideas, my brother is house/dog sitting.

Yeah, we’ll see how it goes.  On face value it looks like a decent plan I think.


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  1. Jen
    Posted October 9, 2011 at 9:37 pm | Permalink

    Did I write this post? ;)

    Good luck on the meal plan. Saw bits and pieces on twitter that looked like you were movin’ right along with it.

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