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Challenges & Goals: Week 1

I wasn’t kidding about that whole better me thing.  I’m determined to find the motivation that got me up off of my ass and working out and running before.  If I can be stubborn about so many other things in my life, I think I can put it to work for my health again. So, […]
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2012 – The Year of a Better Me

2011 didn’t suck, overall, but it wasn’t my best year as far as taking care of myself goes.  I would love to be one of those people who does pregnancy well, who runs marathons at 36 weeks, but that just isn’t me.  It takes a toll on me, physically, emotionally.  The payoff, is awesome.  She’s […]
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And A Very Merry

A very very merry holiday was had by all.  I only thought bad thoughts about a relative once. I ate way too much. I have plans, many plans, for what I want to do next year.
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And One Lonely Ornament

I know I’ve tweeted this, and I know that it isn’t always true, but if pretty much every day, you get in to work and your PC works, and you can get on the network, and you can do your job, and you don’t get viruses, thank your damn IT person.  Don’t just tell them […]
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