Challenges & Goals: Week 1

I wasn’t kidding about that whole better me thing.  I’m determined to find the motivation that got me up off of my ass and working out and running before.  If I can be stubborn about so many other things in my life, I think I can put it to work for my health again. So, every week, short term goals.  Little things.  Make a list of five goals, try to get three of them accomplished.  Not just fitness goals, clean up the house goals, personal me time goals, make the world a better place goals.  Little small steps, right? Any suggestions for goals, ways to pull some of them off, appreciated of course.

  • Goal 1: Get all of the Christmas garbage out of the house.  This means all of the packaging that Santa left in the basement, the incriminating pink corduroy fabric, etc, cleaned up.
  • Goal 2: Plan healthy meals Monday-Friday. Oh yes, and actually go and buy the ingredients.
  • Goal 3: Hang up my backpack & coat every day when I get home from work.  (What? Shut-up)
  • Goal 4: If it isn’t too icy out (freezing rain out there right now) go for a walk outside at least two times (two days off) this week. If I can do this. See just where I stand on the whole 30 Day Shred thing.  Can I even do it at all.
  • Goal 5: Take a car load of stuff to donate.  I may try to do a 365 items purged goal this year.

Because of course rewards are a motivation (and I need little things to keep myself from making my reward in the form of chocolate cake), for each week, a reward.

Reward: New patterns for the serger.

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  1. Posted January 2, 2012 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

    Little steps are good. Choices are good, too! I like your 5 things & do 3 idea! I might use that for my antiprocrastination tasks.

    When I do my weekly menu planning, I plan 4 weekday meals (we always have enough leftovers for one night, usually Thursday), Sunday brunch, & 1 weekend meal. I write it down in my everything-3-ring-binder & keep the list so when I need ideas a different week, I can just look back. If I get stuck planning, I look to see how my variety is – red meat/poultry/seafood/veg or noodles/potatoes/bread/rice or whatever & try to fill in the gaps.

    Good luck! I posted my resolutions today, too.

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