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The Skinny

Do you know the best thing about having the serger, other than say perhaps actually making things with it, finding sewing/craft blogs that teach me new things.  Especially things about sewing with knits.  I am no longer afraid of Serge, or knit fabric, and I spend a silly amount of my day wishing I was […]
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Crafty Mother

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting things around here.  I owe an update on the baby, now with more teeth.  One about the weight loss (stalled thanks to milk issues caused by baby, now with more teeth).  However, I’ve been dealing with stress by tackling my serger and some fun sewing projects. First, some […]
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I just filled out the school choice form (online of course) for M.  I think maybe I’ll stop having panic attacks now. This is so very far away from the K-12 school I went to until fourth grade.  Not to mention, I was home schooled for Kindergarten so I have absolutely no idea how it […]
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I know we don’t talk much.

I know I’m a bad blogger who doesn’t do enough commenting elsewhere, but I need some crowd sourcing help. M, it appears, will NOT clean her room.  She says she is cleaning, but she plays.  She is actively lying to our face about what she is doing.  She tries to stall, asking for something specific […]
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