I just filled out the school choice form (online of course) for M.  I think maybe I’ll stop having panic attacks now.

This is so very far away from the K-12 school I went to until fourth grade.  Not to mention, I was home schooled for Kindergarten so I have absolutely no idea how it used to work or is supposed to work.

We went with our local community school.  Just a few blocks (but across a busy street so there is busing) from our house.  I had thought going in to it that I would be one of those people who tries to work the system to get my kid into the cool, alternative hippy school by work.  What I realized is that in all of their push to be open and accepting, they seemed to have little room for other points of view.

Also, I am n0t nearly cool enough to have a kid there. When we visited the other dad touring with us was wearing skinny jeans, a v neck shirt, hoodie, work boots, had lots of product in his hair, a nose piercing, was carrying a trendy (expensive) European man purse and (I’m sure you saw this coming) was using his iPhone during the down time.  I’m pretty sure the only hipster cliche’ he was missing was facial hair.  I just don’t think he could grow it.  When we talked about where we lived (we live in the hood as far as most are concerned) he mentioned that ‘of course we weren’t in the zone’ for the school.  Except, kiss my ass hipster, yes, we are.  You’re not.  You’re in the rich people, awesome schools for everyone! zone.  Get your ass out of my zone.

The other thing I found disconcerting about this school was that a few minorities and low income students was being touted as “diversity”.  Like the liberals and the token ________ (insert something not white here).  I actually saw someone on FB go on and on about the socioeconomic diversity at the school.  Yeah, if you want real diversity, send your kid somewhere else, because it isn’t real there.

Wow, more bitter than I realized.

The community school is small, has a young energetic principal, teaching staff that has stood the test of time, and well, everyone in the office, the classrooms, etc, was kind and welcoming to my excited and talkative kid. Never underestimate the power of acknowledging someone’s kid.

Curiously, now that the form is submitted, what do you love/hate about your kid’s school?


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    I like almost everything about my son’s school. His teacher is great. His principal is great. The other students are a nice mix of backgrounds. It’s not too big, not too small. I think the one thing I don’t like is that there seems to be a trinket-y reward for something almost every day. How many tiny little erasers that don’t actually erase does one kid need?

    We’re very, very happy with our neighborhood school.
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