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Week 1 – What fun!

No really, this isn’t so bad.  I knew it would be easy when I didn’t have an extra restrictions (no dairy, breastfeeding, etc).  The only barrier I have going on is I messed up my knee a couple of weeks ago and I’m not exercising it yet.  I’m walking much better on my two and […]
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This Time I Mean It

My list of excuses has run out, and so, I’m committing, again, to get back to losing weight.  Last time I tried, it was the beginning of the end of nursing H.  I’m relatively sure now that it was one of the two major contributing factors to my supply dropping off, and her ultimately losing […]
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“Adventurous Eater”

Our dog has been called by her Vet an adventurous eater.  Her most interesting eat was a nearly two inch long piece of mulch, which she passed in its entirety.  She only weighs 12 pounds. The most interesting and not remotely painful thing she eats is grapefruit, which she loves. The baby seems to be […]
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