“Adventurous Eater”

Our dog has been called by her Vet an adventurous eater.  Her most interesting eat was a nearly two inch long piece of mulch, which she passed in its entirety.  She only weighs 12 pounds. The most interesting and not remotely painful thing she eats is grapefruit, which she loves.

The baby seems to be learning from the dog.  She like to chew on dirty socks, often taking hers off and gnawing on them.  She will crawl around the floor with a toy in her mouth, making she carries it to her next destination.  The baby is now known at the U of M vet center because my husband told the vet students that did the dog’s teeth about how the baby takes after her.

This morning, H seemed a little off.  I chalked it up to a)  teething, b)  hunger, she’s apparently decided to start eating more since she is, cross my fingers, not sick for the first time in maybe two months.  or c) she’s all about mama lately.  However, daycare said she she was crying a lot, and when they looked in her mouth, there was something yellow and brown covering the entire upper palate.  I know thrush can turn yellow and get huge, so I figure that it was likely that, but I wasn’t freaked out.  We figured we’d go look at it at lunch.  I screwed up my knee recently and a quick walk just isn’t in the cards for me.  Meh, whatever.  Then they called back again.  She wasn’t sleeping, clearly was in pain, and could I please come and see it right away.  Now, just so you know, I’ve missed so much work because of the ear infection that wouldn’t die, the stomach flu that got us an ER visit and IV in the middle of the ear infection that wouldn’t die, and yesterday I got the stomach flu, that I wasn’t keen on missing any more work. Right now I don’t have enough PTO for my own very needed surgery.  I reluctantly went to daycare to check it out (A had a meeting, I did not and therefore drew the short straw), to arrive and find out she had thrown up.  In fact, she had thrown up whatever was on the roof of her mouth. Everyone was freaked out.  I got a rubber glove and took a look at it, then proceeded to laugh.

It was… an onion skin.  She had eventually gagged enough to hork it out of her mouth. Then promptly went to sleep now that she felt better.

I don’t know what it is about those things, but I can’t seem to ever find them all, and she is like a moth to a flame.  I take one out of her mouth it seems daily. The dog, also a fan.  I think they fight over them.

Her poor teacher has been traumatized by the whole thing.  I can imagine that on the roof of her mouth, completely plastered to her palate, being a different texture than a mouth should be, it would look positively ominous.  I told her to think of it as an awesome story to tell about the oddest thing she’d ever seen as a daycare teacher.

H got sent home.  Technicalities and all for gagging out an onion skin.  The good news is she’s happy now.  The bad news is I may never get my tonsils out.

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  1. Posted April 10, 2012 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    Um that would have been extremely unpleasant. No wonder she was upset!

    • a. sprout
      Posted April 10, 2012 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, I didn’t mean to downplay her discomfort at all. I think thats the second kid thing. Much easier to see the humor in things once you know any danger has passed.

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