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Feed the Baby

You know how if you have more than one kid, you sort of forget everything from the first one by the time you make it to the second one.  Things like, how often they wake up in the middle of the night? Or what they eat when they stop nursing/taking bottles? I sort of forget […]
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Week Five: Stayin’ Alive

So sad to hear about Robin Gibb.  My parents weren’t disco people, but my husband’s were.  So when we started dating I got introduced, and I sort of have a secret love of it.  ABBA, The BeeGee’s, all of it. I like to dance badly. This week I made up for what I lost before, […]
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Feed the Kids

The list of things that freak me out about M starting kindergarten next fall is a very very long one.  Most of it revolves around the scheduling nightmare with our jobs we are about to undertake.  The whole, is it really worth it to work if this is what it means thing. However, the things […]
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Week 4 – Something Witty

OK, a few days late on this, and not just because I gained, but perhaps that is part of it.  I haven’t just given up however.  It was a bad week, I knew it was going to be a bad week, I dealt, I moved on. Current Weight: 267.6 Change: +.2 Total so far: -9.2 […]
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