Week Five: Stayin’ Alive

So sad to hear about Robin Gibb.  My parents weren’t disco people, but my husband’s were.  So when we started dating I got introduced, and I sort of have a secret love of it.  ABBA, The BeeGee’s, all of it. I like to dance badly.

This week I made up for what I lost before, and I got more active.  Not much, but enough to feel like I’ve made progress.  I just hope the weather cooperates so that I can keep it up.  I lose weight much faster when I am active, even if I eat to make up some for the activity.  I also need to find a new Endo to get my PCOS treated.  I find the insulin resistance is rearing its ugly head as I change my diet.  Mid afternoon I get a mad craving for sugar.  Sugar is no good for me, and the Met helps balance it all out.  Even if it does make me hate my beloved coffee. So, goal for this week, find an endocrinologist. And a new primary care doc.

Current Weight: 266.4

Change: -1.2

Total so far: -10.4

We got a new grill and that should help things out a lot.  I ended up eating out today for all three meals, but I managed to make good choices and not go over my daily points.  We also got a new lawn mower, so there is some activity for you. Tomorrow is the Farmer’s Market and I will be getting more basil, more lettuce, and counting the days until more fresh veggies show up.

Oh, and if you have a moment, go congratulate Liz.  She’s made it to the 50 pound mark.  That would be like losing more than my gangly tall five year old.  I’ve been there, it is an awesome feeling.  She isn’t sure how to congratulate herself, but I think new running shoes are a great idea.  If I could, I’d buy them for her myself.  I’m so proud of her.  I just need to get there myself now.


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    Hey, would you ever drive allllll the way out east for your endo, or do you want someone in Mpls? I have been through a ton of endos, and my endocrinological NP is the one who FINALLY got me properly diagnosed and medicated after 10 years. She is the reason I was able to get pregnant without IVF this time. Really takes the time to listen and is willing to try things, etc. Her last name is Forsberg, and she is with an endocrinology practice at the Health Partners Specialty Center in St. Paul. I got her name from my fabulous primary care NP, and have basically switched all my care over to NPs, because I love them so…just a thought!
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    Thank you friend. You are doing awesomely too!

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