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Week Ten: Aww, yeah!

H is a little chunk of deliciousness.  She briefly got the baby six pack back this last week while she fought off a tummy bug, but she is back to her normal chubby toddler self.  And now I’ve lost as much as she weighs. Which is funny, because the little bugger is getting heavy to […]
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Week Nine: I have nothing witty.

Nine weeks. Almost 10 weeks.   I have survived a one year old’s birthday party.  I have survived her getting THREE vials of blood drawn from her tiny body for an allergy test.  I have survived a couple of days of eating whatever I wanted, eating my feelings, and not exercising like I wanted to.  I […]
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Last year was a bust for the garden.  We had a varmint take up residence in our neighbors yard and it ate all 8 of my brussels sprouts.  I was also either largely pregnant or a sleep deprived mess. This year however, after a late start, I think I’ve found some of my mojo.  I’ve […]
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Week 8 – A Birthday Present

In the past week I’ve been to the dentist, been to a new endocrinologist, and seen the ENT who is going to take out my tonsils.  I’ve also done the first two days of the Couch to 5K program.  I realized that it is no mistake that all of those things are crowing around H’s […]
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