Week 8 – A Birthday Present

In the past week I’ve been to the dentist, been to a new endocrinologist, and seen the ENT who is going to take out my tonsils.  I’ve also done the first two days of the Couch to 5K program.  I realized that it is no mistake that all of those things are crowing around H’s birthday.  This is my birthday present to her.  A mom who can keep up with the whirling dervish that she is becoming.  A mom who is doing everything she can to be healthy and present.  A mom who has the energy to work at a job she loves, and still be the mom who can do it all.

Current Weight: 262

Change: -1.4

Total so far: -18

This week schitzo the scale flirted with the 250’s, and my doctor’s office put me at 260 on Monday.  I went with a conservative number.  If it had been 260, that would put me at 20 pounds down from the number where things settled after H was born.  That will be next week, I’m sure of it.  So as to not confuse my math, since I’ve already screwed it up once, I’ve adjusted my total lost to reflect a 280 start.  My next big goal after 20 is to get the point where I’ve lost whatever it is that H weighs at her one year checkup Thursday.  I’m guessing it will be around 23.  Then I just need to hit what M weighs (around 50) by the end of the summer/Thanksgiving.

The best thing about this week so far has been that I’ve been able to start C25K again.  I need the activity this week more than ever because hosting a kid’s birthday party where all of the guests are my in-laws… nerve wracking.  Exercise helps me deal with my stress some, and the extra calories burned make up for the less than stellar choices I tend to make when I’m stressed.  I am surprised at how easily I’ve gotten back in to it.  Apparently I earned that “runner” necklace after all.

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    Wow! Great job with your weight loss so far! Love your goal of losing whatever your daughter weighs, too. So cool! Good luck!
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