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Trayvon, Belatedly

This is a late bit of writing. There is value in better late than never.  There is value in having it be said.  There is value in discussion. I am a white woman, married to a white man, with only daughters.  I will never have to have “the talk” with my girls.  I am, in […]
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Framing the Picture

This is the frame.  This is the setup.  This is something that has been on my mind for so long.  This is me getting over my fear.  I’m going to write about race, and racism, and where I fail, and where I succeed.  (and then we’re going to talk about sexism a little bit too) […]
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For Me.

Tomorrow is my 35th birthday.  There is still the voice in my head of my 15 year old self that couldn’t imagine anything past 21, wondering just how in the hell I got here.  I don’t feel old. (those of you who are older than me can shut it and keep reading)  I creak, I […]
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