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I was raised to be an activist.  My parent’s political views were drilled in to me from a young age.  Not so much in a “this way or else” more in that it was a huge part of their lives, and I was along for the ride.  I stood on a street corner on Sundays in our small town holding my world peace sign while rednecks drove by and hurled insults.  So, I’m a little burned out on politics.  You likely won’t see me blogging about the presidential race.  Tweeting, yes.  Blogging, not so much. It just is more than I can handle.  I rarely go out to a protest.  I will speak my mind, but I won’t do that, or bring my kids with to do it.

However, I am going to blog about the current constitutional amendment on the ballot here in Minnesota.  Forgive me if you’re not local, but this also applies to other states this election season so well, deal.   You can thank my getting far more vocal about this on the woman whom a local TV station interviewed during the State Fair who said that the amendment banning gay marriage (because a law isn’t enough) was being done to “protect the children”.  Ummmmm…. OK.  So here is my nice list of reasons why you should vote No in Minnesota (and Yes in Maryland, Maine and Washington).

1.  For the children.  Not only are kids of gay parents nice happy and well adjusted (with studies to prove it) but they deserve to have their future’s protected.  They deserve to have both parents have equal access to them in the event of a hospitalization.  People deserve to know that they won’t lose their home because they are protected by clear rights of inheritance, because losing a parent is bad enough, losing your home is unnecessary salt in the wound.  Kids deserve to grow up knowing that their parents are respected.  Nothing is worse than having to watch your family be picked apart for being who they are.  Trust me, I get this one personally.  Sure, some families can afford to have legal documents that are sort of like being married.  Its not the same, and not all families have the means to make that happen.  So, you know, for the kids.

2.  If gay marriage is legal no one will make your church perform gay weddings.  I wouldn’t expect a Catholic church to marry me, so I’m OK if they don’t marry gay people.  That is what that whole separation of church & state thing is all about.  So get your religion out of my government and I won’t point out your theological failings (actually I will, see below).

3.  Think that interracial marriage is just fine? Well the same arguments you’re using for this whole anti-gay thing are nothing new.  We’ve heard them all before about interracial marriage, word for bigoted small minded word.  They are still bullshit.  If you are anti interracial marriage too then I suggest you… yeah, I can’t even.  Grow up and take a look around at the world.

4.  Its good for the economy.  Yes, it really is.  Weddings are not cheap.  (OMG are they a giant ass rip off) They support local small business owners.  Want to have a killer recession busting event? Try lots of weddings.  Think I’m kidding, think about what happened post WWII.  Yup, lots of weddings, lots of houses being bought, lots of kids being born.  Good times.

4.  Because Jesus said to love your brother, and leave the judging up to God.  You think just because I’m an atheist I don’t pay attention, I do.  I pay attention to nearly ever bit of scripture I come across.  If you’re going to get all up in arms about something vaguely written in the old testament then put down the bacon, kill your dog, if you’re a woman, shut up because you don’t matter any more.

5.  Do it for my kids.  Do it so that when we are old and gray and we need them to take care of us they actually want to instead of thinking we are bunch of bigoted assholes.

6.  Do it for the my nieces & nephew.  (loose term there, but it is the best I have) They have a daddy & a papa.  They are loved and beautiful and if you saw them you would think so too.  Do it for them because they are a very real representation of how normal a gay family is.  They have a big giant yellow lab, a minivan, a pet tortoise (they live in California), and two parents that are committed to them and put them first.  Do it for the kids.

I’m running in the Big Gay Race (or rather walking as fast as I can) and I’m going to bring my daughters with because I’m doing it “for the kids”. Because my daughter loves everyone, and I don’t ever want her to grow out of that.  I want her to get to grow up in a world where no one says who you can love and limits the protections you are offered under the law.

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  1. Posted September 17, 2012 at 12:24 pm | Permalink

    Well said- all of it! I’ve never done a 5K but I might think about this one!

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