Week 2 of my Ass Kicking Program

Today I started my second week of Couch to 5K.  I am running faster in the run intervals than I have before.  I am pushing myself, my body, my lungs, my resolve.  I am channeling my struggles with things I can’t write about here in to my running.  I am doing everything I can not to channel it in to cupcakes.

This week I didn’t lose any weight.  I was lamenting having put in 9 miles this week while we were driving in to work.  Talking about my husband as he was enjoying how he’s lost almost 30 pounds and is less than 20 pounds from his goal.  He reminded me that this happened last time that I started working out.  My body takes its sweet time catching up.

So, no loss this week, hoping that my body gets a clue by next week.  Doing everything I can to take care of my body so it can kick ass.

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    Lactic acid builds up when you start a new exercise routine and can take a week or two to regulate again…leading to a plateau or gain. Give it 2-3 weeks and it will likely fall off then! You are doing great!
    Liz recently posted..Have I been away too long?

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