I work out on Saturday Nights

Its late, its Saturday and I’m still winding down from going to the gym.

So far, the scale isn’t cooperating with my working out.  I know there are a variety of reasons for this.  There is my body adjusting.  There is inflammation from pushing myself.  There is muscle being built there.  I just wish it would be my friend and show some more progress.

So, as a bit of distraction since I need it, some fat girl outfits.  The big thing missing from these? Boots.  They are in the mail.  I may have committed to running a mile straight before I get to wear them, so it will be a few weeks, but oh, it will be worth it.

This is my favorite jeans (Lane Bryant red) and a new cardigan from Lands End.  I boycotted Lands End for a long time because I find the “comfort fit waist” sort of insulting to plus size women.  Or well, very granny like.  I find a solid waistband is a lot more flattering.  However, I needed a red dress and they carry something I’ve been looking for for years.  See below.

I have wanted an a-line cord skirt for years.  Since I lost weight last time.  A lines are more flattering on just about everyone, and well, cord is a very fun fall/winter look.  I don’t live in the great white north for nothing.  So, Lands End has one.  This is the one on clearance but there is a plus & a regular size version.  I just need a better shirt to go with it.  And the boots.

I got a LBD awhile ago so I had one.  It is from Old Navy (they have some of my favorite cheaper dress options).  It is sleeveless and has a self belt.  I tie it in back because my front needs zero attention.  The cardi is also from them.  I need some smaller cardis.  My collection is getting a bit baggy.

This is the chambray dress my husband hates, with the belt he doesn’t like.  I still love it.  Belt and all.  The belt is now a required part of wearing it as it is getting a bit baggy.  I think I need another belt, any good ideas of where I can find a stretchy one in a color other than black?

*No one told me to write about their clothes, and I paid for all of these.  I have the budget fight with my husband to show for it.

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  1. J
    Posted December 27, 2012 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

    Your husband hates the last one? I like it. It looks polished and put together. :) I love that you smile and look happy in all of your photos. Nice.
    J recently posted..Bookworm

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