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Two boxes and one grocery bag.  That is what I gathered up and took to ARC tonight.  After bedtime, but before I pan grilled steak tips for my next two days lunches. I’m so not kidding about my house being on the track to hoarders.  I wish, so desperately, that I was.  I guess though, […]
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Sticker Charts for Adults

I feel the need to confront my weight loss, or lack there of.  I said a bunch of shit, then I didn’t deliver.  This really only matters to me.  This isn’t anything I owe anyone else unless you count my family for the monthly deduction from my account for Weight Watchers and the Y. For […]
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Et tu bloge’?

… should I blog? OK, so here is the deal.  I want to blog, I do, but I’m tired and burnt out, and my house is a mess and I am like three steps from a hoarders intervention because I keep buying new clothes because the toddler rubs her greasy messy face on them & […]
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