Two boxes and one grocery bag.  That is what I gathered up and took to ARC tonight.  After bedtime, but before I pan grilled steak tips for my next two days lunches.

I’m so not kidding about my house being on the track to hoarders.  I wish, so desperately, that I was.  I guess though, it all makes sense.  Cluttered head, cluttered house.  I haven’t seen the floor of my laundry room since we got the new washer and dryer.  I am stymied the whole kids grow and no longer need clothes thing.  The too small clothes wallow in a giant pile (along with my too small/too large clothes) on a table in the laundry area.

I keep wishing for day off without kids.  Just a day I tell myself, then it will all be better.  I will magically undo months, years of crap in a single day.  It never happens.  There are other things to eat up my days.  Sick kids, sick me.  It never happens.  And really, who am I kidding.  This is going to take more than a day.  So instead I feel defeated before I even begin, I sit on the couch, read things on my phone, already having given up.  (oh crap, I do sound like an episode of hoarders don’t I)

So, just like lunches, like eating healthier I am trying to take it in small bites.  A box, two boxes, a bag, a day.  Bedtimes run long, with no time for the gym, but I can still “lose” something.  A box, two boxes, a bag, every day.


There is a pint of Hagen Daz in my freezer.  It has been there for almost two weeks.  It is there to prove a point.  I will not let food rule me.  I will not let myself give up.  Some days I forget it is there.  Not today.

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