I still haven’t eaten the Hagen Daz

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t take it out and fondle it once, or think about it a few times.  I just didn’t get it out and actually eat it.  It likely helps that I don’t think dairy would do much for my general crud, thank you again youngest child for being such a lovely germ carrier.

I am trying, and failing only part of the time, to eat healthier.  It turns out that I can pack a great breakfast/lunch for work, but I still get the munchies in the afternoon and if I don’t pack something for that, I will eat all the things.  For the record, credit card usable vending machines and a “healthy workplace initiative” do not go together.

So, I went shopping, bought a bunch of healthy snacks, packed them up to go to work, and then had a kid get sick.  I have yet to see if they help, and here we are the weekend already, so I won’t find out until next week.  I got baked cracker type things, some portioned jell-o type things, and I made baked apple chips.  The apple chips were amazing.  I got the general recipe off of the Weight Watchers site, then bastardized it to my will.  So far I’ve made them twice, an at least double recipe, that fills my oven, and I have zero left.  Everyone except A gobbles them up.  Recipe below:

  • Apples, cored, sliced 1/8 in thick (I use my mandolin, proving it was worth it repeatedly even though it has to live in the basement)
  • Place apples on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper
  • Spring with a cinnamon and sugar mix, with some ground cardamom thrown in for good measure.  Use good cinnamon, totally makes a difference. Go easy on the sugar, or skip it if you are using sweeter apple varieties.
  • Bake at 200 degrees for two hours until crispy and starting to brown

Now I’m trying to figure out what other fruit/veggies I can turn in to chips.


It has been silly cold here again.  I have to say, I sort of love it.  This is Minnesota after all.  I live here by choice, having tried out at least three other places before returning.  You just smile, bundle up, and accept it.  Bitching is best left alone, seeing as, in the words of many Scandinavian bachelor farmer Minnesotans, “It could be worse”.  That isn’t saying however that you shouldn’t bundle up in bright shiny colors.


Personally, I wouldn’t be making it through the winter without the recycled cashmere cowl my sister-in-law got me last year.  I don’t know why I lived without cashmere as long as I did.  Silly me.  I wonder if the thrift stores are too picked over to still find sweaters to recycle… hm.

My hair is growing out nicely I think.  I may be due for some more shaping, but it is getting its curl back.  I will miss the pixie.  I could have kept that hair for a long time, but alas, my mother has to go and ruin things like it seems she does so much.  Turns out your husband is not a fan of you and your mother looking too much alike.  She got the same haircut as me, so I grow out the pixie.  Looking for headband suggestions though.  I can’t seem to figure out a way to sort through the “giant flower on baby” headbands on Etsy to find mature but funky ones for myself.  We are nearly to that stage of the grow out and I am getting desperate.

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  1. Posted February 3, 2013 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    My friend Nicole from college makes & sells headband – the stretchy fabric kind. I’ve got a few and LOVE them, both for running (I CAN’T STAND having hair in my face when I exercise) and for everyday. She’s got a variety of prints, including some funky ones I think you’d like. She’s in Chaska, so I don’t think it’d take long to get them! :)

    MsHuisHerself recently posted..Rainbow Day!

    • Posted February 3, 2013 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

      Ok, looking at the photos, they all show folks with their bangs back/hidden/nonexistent, but you CAN let the fabric scrunch a little more/wear it back a tiny bit farther and let bangs/front hair show if you want. I wear them both ways.
      MsHuisHerself recently posted..Rainbow Day!

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