Cats & Cameras

I haven’t picked up a camera and really tried to use it as intended in… better than a decade.  My dad was/is a photographer and he taught me when I was still in junior high about f-stops and shutter speed and depth of field. I got good at it too, really good.  Develop my own black & white film and do my own prints with dodging and burnishing good.  Then adulthood, responsibility, and budgets kicked in.  My best lense for my old Canon AE-1 Program broke, and film got to be too expensive, along with the allure of instant gratification.  I’ve owned a series of pretty nice digital point & shoots, but always, I’ve lusted after a DSLR.  The best of both worlds. Instant gratification and the joy of f-stops and shutter speeds.  The problem was, I forgot how to do it.  So this weekend I brought my camera with, and asked my dad to explain it all to me again.  Turns out, fortunately, it is sort of like riding a bicycle.


IMG_0476 IMG_0516 IMG_0517

Gracie.  The kitty slut.  So in need of belly scratches she let the toddler pet her. A lot.


Cat toys.  Playing with focal depths.




My dad. Who looks more and more like his dad every day.


Curly girl.  She ran all over downtown trying to blow bubbles.


This is my dad’s cat Kiki.  She has 13 toes on her front feet.  this one is an iPhone picture, but I couldn’t not add it.  The girls fell in love with the cats.

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    Lovely! :)

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