Tangible Results

I went to therapy this week, and was able to talk to the therapist I see while M goes to her doctor about what I’ve been up to in the last month plus since I saw her.  I realized again, in talking about it, what has been stressing me out.  I went from a job where there are semi frequent tangible accomplishments, to one where, aside from closing out tickets that should never have been opened in the first place, it is all about the long play.  Not right now, maybe in a year… It is weird, and I have been feeling lost, and unproductive.  I need to change up my time management in the office, which will be challenging for an old bird like me.  So in the mean time, I have been focusing on creation at home.  It give me something tangible to finish.


I finally got M to wear the pants I made for her, and she loves them.  The alternation was super simple, even for me who fear new stuff.  I took my traced pattern, which I trace on a graphed interfacing (red dot), found the center, cut down it, and taped it back together taking in an inch and a half on each leg.  I always line up my patterns when tracing so I can do stuff like that if needed.  Finally paid off.

She loves them.  Elastic waist, but heavier than a pair of leggings.  It also turns out that she likes her pants a little roomier (funny considering she’s a rail) and without itchy tags in the back, and they fit the bill.  While they may be a little baggy in the butt, I am happy she has room since the girl needs to gain weight.  Also a bonus in her eyes, she can high kick in them.

IMG_1067a(I really do love that fabric, totally fits her personality)

Since one of my goals this year, both for work and for home, is to get over my fears and advance my skills, I’m trying something new too.  I just printed off 1″ hexagon templates to try English Paper Piecing.  M has started to sew, like really sew, and it is by hand.  This gives me something to do with her, and something I can make that will be an heirloom piece.  I’ve got a lot of scraps I’ve been saving, and I’d like to make each girl a throw, or at least a pillow, by next Christmas.

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    You’ve got some mad sewing skills. Love those pants!
    Jenna recently posted..Kindergarten Readiness

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