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The nightly news should come with a trigger warning some days…

I know I haven’t blogged in ever, but I also know thanks to technology that people still check in here. Honestly, for this, I don’t care. Just know that there are trigger warnings and all kinds of swearing about to happen. If you are family, stop right now. I’ve had it with the excuses. I […]
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The LOVE Raglan

I keep thinking I’ll relaunch my blog, and be a fitness blogger! Or a sewing blogger! Or a… Yeah, I’m not that organized.  I am just trying, even though it is hard, to write and get out my feelings.  Because I know it is good for me.  Just like running is good for me, writing […]
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I think I might finally be exiting this funk that seems to have plagued me since getting strep for my birthday.  The beginning of 37 was NOT my year. I am, for the first time since before I got pregnant with H, running, like for real.  Sure, I’ve had a few little fits and starts.  […]
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I am the fat girl running.

I sort of want to write this deep meaningful thing about being fat and getting back to running, but mostly, I just want to grin from ear to ear.  I want to smile, and jump up and down (scratch that, my knees couldn’t do that) and scream at the top of my lungs that I […]
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