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Feed the Baby

You know how if you have more than one kid, you sort of forget everything from the first one by the time you make it to the second one.  Things like, how often they wake up in the middle of the night? Or what they eat when they stop nursing/taking bottles? I sort of forget […]
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“Adventurous Eater”

Our dog has been called by her Vet an adventurous eater.  Her most interesting eat was a nearly two inch long piece of mulch, which she passed in its entirety.  She only weighs 12 pounds. The most interesting and not remotely painful thing she eats is grapefruit, which she loves. The baby seems to be […]
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Weight, Bewbs, Health, Spring Fever

I have not lost any more weight, I have actually gained back everything I lost. First it was dealing with the reality that I was losing some of my milk supply that made me stop tracking.  Then it was getting sick.  Then it was H getting sick and me not sleeping and my milk supply […]
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The Easy One

I quietly have thought it to myself.  I have said it to strangers, coworkers, friends.  We have silently nodded over it to each other.  This one, she’s the easy one.  This one is the payback for the other one. M is fierce, fiery, strong, always has been.  She is a perfect oldest child.  She can […]
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