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Before BlogHer I was running (ha!) out of steam for running.  I knew I needed to be able to do the 5K, but I was lacking motivation.  In some respects, getting sick, getting all of those blisters, and then the sick dog was good.  It allowed me a good reason to take a break, so […]
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This Is Not a Post About Swag *

*Though swag will be mentioned. Also, if this post is douchey, I am really sorry.  I tried not to be one. If you were to divide the world of bloggers into two groups, one that is brand friendly and one that is more writerly, then I would land squarely in the writer camp.  It isn’t […]
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Make New Friends

I realized that while at BlogHer I collected a grand total of like four new business cards.  I was terribly worried that perhaps I didn’t really meet anyone new, and how sad was that when one of my goals was to meet new people. Then I really thought about what I spent my time doing.  […]
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How to be Sick at BlogHer

First, do it right.  Be perfectly well right up until the point where you are on the plane flying to the conference.  While on the plane, start getting a tickle in your throat.  However, think nothing of it and enjoy a leisurely if not exercise like trek to your hotel.  One that includes multiple subway […]
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