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I should be writing about my relationship with my father….

So I tried writing about race and realized that I have already said everything before.  I mean, I have things to say, I just need to figure out what the hell they are. What I really need write about though is the crap with my dad.  Because I promised my therapist I would. Recently my […]
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Manifesto: Feminism, for me, in a Global Community

The setup #1: When I was recovering from surgery, my daughter got out all of her money and started counting it. She got out her dollar coins and asked me about the people pictured on them. Sacagawea, Susan B. Anthony and President Grant. It started a discussion about discrimination, including a history lesson starting with […]
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United. For All.

I was raised to be an activist.  My parent’s political views were drilled in to me from a young age.  Not so much in a “this way or else” more in that it was a huge part of their lives, and I was along for the ride.  I stood on a street corner on Sundays […]
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Trayvon, Belatedly

This is a late bit of writing. There is value in better late than never.  There is value in having it be said.  There is value in discussion. I am a white woman, married to a white man, with only daughters.  I will never have to have “the talk” with my girls.  I am, in […]
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