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Awhile back on Instagram, Wendy made some comment to the effect of me being a fashionable person who takes pictures of themselves.  I got a little defensive, because yes, I take pictures of myself, but I hardly think of myself as fashionable.  I made me really think about why I take the pictures. I realized […]
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Layers Like an Onion

There is this point in evaluating and getting help for you kid when you second guess yourself so much about what is normal, and what needs assistance, and what is just a really smart five year old, that you feel like you’ve completely lost track of what is “normal”.  I’ve seen other bloggers go through […]
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Zen and the Art of Snow Shoveling

Secret, I love shoveling snow.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I don’t mean shoveling it in a rush so you can get out the door to work.  I mean the kind of shoveling that you do when it is late at night, or early in the morning, when there is no […]
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Two boxes and one grocery bag.  That is what I gathered up and took to ARC tonight.  After bedtime, but before I pan grilled steak tips for my next two days lunches. I’m so not kidding about my house being on the track to hoarders.  I wish, so desperately, that I was.  I guess though, […]
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