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Layers Like an Onion

There is this point in evaluating and getting help for you kid when you second guess yourself so much about what is normal, and what needs assistance, and what is just a really smart five year old, that you feel like you’ve completely lost track of what is “normal”.  I’ve seen other bloggers go through […]
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Sticker Charts for Adults

I feel the need to confront my weight loss, or lack there of.  I said a bunch of shit, then I didn’t deliver.  This really only matters to me.  This isn’t anything I owe anyone else unless you count my family for the monthly deduction from my account for Weight Watchers and the Y. For […]
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Families are just a collection of relationships.  They require work sometimes to stay healthy. ——————————————————————- I worry about M, about her ability to make friends, to connect with kids her own age.  She spends a lot of time outside of the house away from us because of my working full time, so we tend to […]
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Week 12: And Now for Something New and Painful

OK, I’m less than two days away from surgery.  It had been scheduled for 8:30 Thursday morning, allowing me to sleep through the fasting period required, but I got a call today at work that no, it would be at 3 PM now.  No, does this work for you, just a, this is the way […]
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