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Week 6 & 7, right?

I am ready, so ready, for a little relaxation.  I doubt I will get it, so it goes in Minnesota in summer.  There is always a lawn to mow, a garden to plant, etc.  Maybe when H is older and isn’t all consuming and can go outside without fear of her eating things she should […]
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Feed the Kids

The list of things that freak me out about M starting kindergarten next fall is a very very long one.  Most of it revolves around the scheduling nightmare with our jobs we are about to undertake.  The whole, is it really worth it to work if this is what it means thing. However, the things […]
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Will you?

Last night I was talking with my brother while my crazy girls squirmed and giggled.  He had come over after a long day of physical labor to help me out.  I took him out to dinner, he watched the girls while I battled the lawn. We were talking about how lucky I am to have […]
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“Adventurous Eater”

Our dog has been called by her Vet an adventurous eater.  Her most interesting eat was a nearly two inch long piece of mulch, which she passed in its entirety.  She only weighs 12 pounds. The most interesting and not remotely painful thing she eats is grapefruit, which she loves. The baby seems to be […]
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